Rocking and rolling through December 2016 to July 2017, artists Lisa g Nielsen & Rene Cherrie will fuse sound and image exploring the exciting history of Kerrisdale Arena. Community members will be invited to collaborate with stories, vision, music, art and more that will culminate in an immersive video and sound installation within the Arena itself. 

The project outcome is threefold: 
1. Collect community stories and share them all on this blog (no story too small!) in the form of  text, photography and simple video vignettes (the artists are calling them video 'sketches').

2. Create an installation in the foyer of the arena that will include a cozy place to sit, images on the walls and columns and a television where the experimental documentary will play.

3. Create a two-channel immersive installation screening in the Kerrisdale Arena itself on
Wednesday AUGUST 30th, 2017 5-9pm

Find Rene and Lisa creating real time in the Arena's 'creation lounge' or in the mobile studio at other locations in the community.artist workshop dates and locations

Contact the artists here:kerrisdalearena@gmail.com

Lisa g and Rene C have been working and performing together since 2006. 
Rene is fond of the sonic side of creation and Lisa's enamoured with visual experimentation which makes them an excellent team. 
Besides Kerrisdale Arena Rock project, they are working on a conceptual project that tells the story of a bunny who saves the natural world. 
Check out bunny