We talked to Sylvia over the phone about an event that lasted over 40 years at the Kerrisdale Arena...

"It was really about community, it was completely volunteer run and in fact it gave me the inspiration for my volunteerism that continues to be an important part of my life!"

Maureen brought the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club scrapbooks to the Arena one afternoon...

"I started skating here in 1950, in fact I used my babysitting money, 25 cents an hour, to pay for my Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club membership! 
I've been in some of the Carnivals but I wasn't a competitive skater. I didn't have the money for 'patch' (when you practiced your figures) but if you were a member of the club and the community centre you could skate in the mornings for free! So I would haul across on the bus with my skates and books and do 'patch' for free and then go to school!

They used to put a rope up at the end of the rink and Dr Helmut May would be teaching figure skating and the other part of the rink was used for the public and I would watch and listen and copy and he noticed this and then got a group of us together and taught us together once a month! I really liked the figures. I eventually went into adult dance sessions and even won a 'senior dance' trophy with my partner Gordon Fox in 1963."

Top left Maureen and Gord in 1963

"I'm now one the board of the KFSC."

Here are a few more of Maureen's memories....

Margot can often be found at the Kerrisdale Arena, and although President of the Arena's own Figure Skating Club for 26 years, her childhood was also busy with, you guessed it, skating!

"...everybody belonged to the skating club..."

Joy dropped by the Arena one day and had so many stories, memories and connections to the neighbourhood! 

Here is a snippet of her skating memories:

"The dues were $13 dollars a year...."

Brent lived in the  Kerrisdale area most of his life. In fact he remembers living at 38th and Blenheim and taking the interurban from 41st to 49th to get to Magee Secondary School - he was too lazy to walk- haha!

He also remembers the huge vegetable gardens between the Kerrisdale Arena and Point Grey School and of course he remembers his days as a stick boy (and towel boy)....

Ross emailed these memories as well...

My biggest memories of this great building were as a kid growing up in North Richmond... we played hockey every Saturday morning at Kerrisdale Arena from the time I was six years old till I was 12 (1958 - 64). My coach and neighbour Doug Norris Sr, ex 1940’s Canuck, coached us. We would then leave the Arena and go home to play soccer in the Richmond League and THEN...at about 1:30 PM a whole huge carload of us in a ’52 Pontiac or Chevy (no seat belts of course) would come back to the rink for the afternoon recreational skate!!

I love to come to the Arena once in a while sit and watch a hockey game, the dressing rooms, concourse, the seats it just feels like one of those places in Vancouver you can go to that hasn't really changed. That's a hard thing to find. I love the inside roof - I wish they did not cover the ceiling insulation (although I get it) - because it has a glorious framing and a beautiful old wooden roof, painted white. My parents and grandparents (born in Vancouver in 1892) lived in Kerrisdale in the 20’s 30’s & 40’s, it has a special sentimental attachment to me as my kids played some hockey there - that's four generations of Vancouver born and bred, in my family, of people using the Kerrisdale Arena.
Bev Davies is a Vancouver legend for her incredible body of work surrounding the documentation of punk, rock and reggae shows.

"The spot for me was at the front of the stage, sitting on my camera case, my camera around my neck with the energy of the crowd behind me and just trying to be absolutely as still as I could... prepared for the onslaught!"

Here are snippets of conversation about her experiences at the Kerrisdale Arena.

To see more of Bev's work you can check out these photo essays made by Susanne Tabata, the director of Bloodied but Unbowed - a documentary of the Vancouver punk scene.